Rebranding in 2009?

Competitor pressures, plummeting sales revenue and outdated marketing strategy are some reasons behind a company’s need to rebrand. For an established company, rebranding, accompanied with press releases or fresh advertising is also a way to reach a new audience whilst reinforcing the companies existing message.  Below are a few examples of large Australian companies that have successfully rebranded in 2009, along with many others in recent years such as Qantas, National Bank Australia, Australia Post and more locally Regent Taxi’s which completely reinvented itself as Gold Coast Cabs.

When was the last time you revitalised your brand, if ever?  Remember, just as people change the style of their clothes, the look of their hairstyles and home decorating, so brands need to keep up with the times and changing market and consumer dynamics. Failure to recognise this and move with the times can lead to brand stagnation and brand latency.

We know that the key to branding and rebranding is how your corporate image can be used for the benefit of building your business and profits, so, if you are interested in speaking with us about rebranding give us a call and we’ll be happy to meet with you to discuss how we can help!


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