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Amazingly Creative Business Cards

Gone are the days of business cards being 2 colour designs on gloss stock 90x55mm. With huge advances in printing and finishing technologies over the years, the limit to a business card design these days is only your imagination! A Business Card is like a mini snapshot of your business which you give to a potential client. This is a perfect opportunity to impress and create a memorable first impression.

What follows is a small sample of some creative business card designs which really push the boundaries of that “slip of card holding contact details”  If you have a Business Card idea, be it sleek and simple or extravagant run it by us, we will try our best to make your first impression a memorable one.

NationBuilder Pop-up Business Card



Is your job a little left of centre !?

Everyone knows your business more often that not needs a logo, some stationery such as; Business Cards, Letterheads, With Compliment Slips etc, a website and some effective advertising. But do you have a project thats just that little bit out of the ordinary…


Rebranding Before & After

Precise Hearing Rebranding

Consistency means business!


5 Tips to help google find your site!

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is extremely important when it comes to your website being found, and is a largely discussed topic on the web.  While we recommend you leave all the messing about with website code to a search engine professional, it helps to understand and implement at least the basics of search engine optimization.

google_logo (more…)

So What’s This Blog All About?


I’m here, I can see you, what happens now?

You may be wondering what’s the go with the new Sherwell blog. I’ve subscribed, what happens next? (more…)

Super 7 Branding Tips For Your Business

Business Branding Meeting

Below is a list of Effective Design and Branding Tips.

Simple, effective ideas that every company should consider when establishing a professional corporate image.

1. Write a mission statement; who you are and where you are going.
You must know what your business is all about and what image you need to portray before you can develop any type of company brand. 


New Web and Email Address


Sherwell’s New Contact Details

We would like to announce that Sherwell Graphics has a new web site address and email address. (more…)